Coronavirus Update

In line with government advice counselling services at Infinite Diimensions Wellbeing will continue with a revised service, however the meditation and yoga groups will be cancelled until after Easter.

Information for Yoga and Meditation Groups
Gatherings in small spaces can aid transmisson of the Coronavirus so we have decide to cancel both groups.
In the meantime we will increase the frequency of our emails to both groups providing you with weekly home practice suggestions and other content FREE of charge.

Information for Counselling Clients

As Indee is shutting the Hemel site, all clients will be seen in Tring, via Skype, or by telephone.

What we are doing to protect you
In the counselling room, all hard surfaces will be wiped down between clients, this may mean your session runs a minute or two late.
Where possible (due to sourcing issues) hand sanitiser will be available to use.
Tissues will be available and we ask that you place them in the bin provided at the end of the session.
Offering telephone or Skype sessions to those who are self-isolating.
If you need hospital care you will NOT be charged for missed sessions.

What you can do to help us
When you attend your session please refrain from shaking hands, elbow bumps are fine.
If you need to cough or sneeze do so into a tissue.
If you are experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus and have been advised to self-isolate please do NOT attend your session.
If you contact us and let us know in good time you will be offered a telephone or Skype session instead.

Taking heed of this advice will allow us to provide you with continuity of care.

Thank you for your help with this matter

If you wish to discuss this further please contact Charlotte on 07941259272 or email

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